Exhibition painting

Add A + A to XIX

When _30. Juli 2016
Where _XIX Studios, 3650 Eagle Rock Blvd., in Glassell Pa
Link _evergreene studio

Evergreene Studio is pleased to present Add A + A to XIX, a special one-day live painting venture by Z├╝rich-based artists Andreas Dobler and Anna Kanai, Saturday, July 30, 7-11pm, at XIX Studios, 3650 Eagle Rock Blvd., in Glassell Park, Los Angeles. The main act of the performance will take place between 7pm and 9pm. The interrelated concepts of enclosure and cladding are the basis of the spatial installation. A deconstructed room divider serves as a stage and backdrop for the painting performance. Recombining architectural fragments and ornamental extravagance, Dobler and Kanai invent Yantras for precarious times while conjuring faux-ethnographic, guiding spirits with painting and music.