Photography Exhibition

Not my chalet

When _March 4 to May 5 2006
Where _Fotomuseum Winterthur, REALE FANTASIEN, Neue Fotog
The large-format suburban photographs taken in New England by Anna Kanai during her studies at Yale are pictures that explore the world. Through a veil of bare winter branches and undergrowth, they show condominiums and suburban houses, partly obscured, yet still recognizable. A semi-permeable membrane permits furtive (fictional) communication in both directions. There is something slightly voyeuristic about these images gathered by a seeker, an explorer, a revealer of things, on her forays through the tamed undergrowth. They show a world determined to screen itself from the gaze of others. Revelation seems unwanted here, and introspection sought all the more. The intertwining branches read like a natural organic fence against intruders and in spite of the windows, the façades appear to be closed. The other is kept out and excluded. The title she has chosen for her series of works, “Not my Chalet”, emphasizes this sense of otherness, of not-belonging. In her photographs, Anna Kanai frequently merges the before-and-after into a fine, transparent membrane that becomes a metaphor for the mixture and mutual dependence of otherness and alienation, the excluding and the excluded. (Urs Stahel, Fotomuseum Winterthur)