fukei rensaku

When _2000
Where _Centre de Photographie, Genève
It is strange that photography sometimes shows us the invisible tensions present in things, a kind of intimate palpitation of landscapes and beings. We are sensitized to the fascinating intricacies of contemporary Japan; beneath the surface however, the invisible fabric of our contemplations and the unending depth of reality are contained in the representation. There is something else.
How else can one explain the intensity of certain aspects: the blue of the structures of the bridge under construction, the delicate explosions of green, and the indescribably reserved facades of buildings and bridges? The message which develops is of foliage only in that it is green, and no-mans land in the sense of undefined space.
fukei rensaku can also be read as a film, stills from a intimate diary rendered impersonal. In alternation between interior and exterior, landscapes and personal space, work like folding screens which can be constantly moved around to create new ephemeral spaces.