limited edition

Monotypie Fool for April



Cabaret Vulgaire

When _15.6.-23.6.2012
Where _Perla Mode, Zürich


Im Dehnungsbereich

When _1. - 16. Juni
Where _NT Areal Basel
Link _spiel und brote


Exhibition limited edition painting

Asphaltblüten - Me and My Friends 16

When _April 2012
Where _20. April - 2. Juni
Link _Kunst macht Glücklich, Stephan Witschi Zürich

Fanzine Me and My Friends 16
Published by Nicole Bachmann

Text Aoife Rosenmeyer:
The customary survey of a city is from on high. The visitor or the proud host goes to the highest possible vantage point in order to grasp the urban landscape below...

Exhibition painting

Death Can Dance

When _April 13 – June 18
Where _Townhouse Ankengasse 8 CH-8001 Zurich
Link _death-can-dance.tumblr

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