Video Exhibition

Song for Artxanda

Where _D.I.V.O. Institute Kolin 2008
Zusammenarbeit mit Andreas Dobler. Ein Abgesang auf eine verlorene Liebe in den Ruinen eines Lunaparks in Bilbao....

Photography Exhibition


When _16.04 – 18.07.2008
Where _Coalmine Fotogalerie
Link _art tv coalmine kanai

Möglichkeitswelt Selfstorage
“Lot#1160“ lautete für einige Monate die Anschrift zu Anna Kanais Atelier, einem Storage-Raum, wie er unter
der Internet-Adresse “Swiss“ angeboten wird. Die Internet-Adresse prangt in riesigen L...

Video Exhibition

northern snow

When _08.11. – 10.12.2007
Where _Tenerife, Canary Islands
Link _Fotonoviembre IX

5' silent

Ghostly floodlights are switching on and off, while the snow blows, collecting in corners, transfiguring the play structures and architecture of the quotidian complex. The video is a succession of static shots, describing photography's a...

Editorial Photography

Menschen Möbel annabelle

When _08/2007
Where _annabelle 16/07
(censored version)

the FORTUNY lamp as silent observer of children left alone at home...

Public Space


When _06.07. – 23.09.2007
Where _Schönberg, Fribourg
Link _fri-art

The Emotional Landscapes competition was designed by Fri-Art and the Forum for Architecture as part of Fribourg’s 850th anniversary celebrations. The organisers asked artists and architects to contribute to this adventure by submitting projects on ...