Video Exhibition

northern snow

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When _08.11. – 10.12.2007
Where _Tenerife, Canary Islands
Link _Fotonoviembre IX

5' silent

Ghostly floodlights are switching on and off, while the snow blows, collecting in corners, transfiguring the play structures and architecture of the quotidian complex. The video is a succession of static shots, describing photography's ability to record light and shadow. Operating as a slide show with scenes of equal length the only palpable measure of time is the fast-falling snow. The theme of the video is one of domesticity. Domesticity meaning: to seize a place by turning it into a staged event, to project an incident into what could be considered ordinary theatricality. The emptiness of the scenes depicted is related to what Walter Benjamin called “the scene of the crime”. It is that moment the actors have left the stage, but the show still goes on.