limited edition


When _ab 20.8.2013
Where _pigeon voyageur
Link _signé

Anna Kanai
N°S 10

46.00 CHF

Druckfarbe: 4-farbig
Format: 105 x 148 mm (A6)
Details: Set à 9 Stk, 105 x 148 mm (Karten), 114 x 162 mm (gefütterte Couverts C6)
Material: Ungestrichenes Papier ...

limited edition

Monotypie Fool for April


Exhibition limited edition painting

Asphaltblüten - Me and My Friends 16

When _April 2012
Where _20. April - 2. Juni
Link _Kunst macht Glücklich, Stephan Witschi Zürich

Fanzine Me and My Friends 16
Published by Nicole Bachmann

Text Aoife Rosenmeyer:
The customary survey of a city is from on high. The visitor or the proud host goes to the highest possible vantage point in order to grasp the urban landscape below...

limited edition


When _2009
Spezialedition anlässlich der Ausstellung Anna Kanai proudly presents William Earl Kofmehl III in der Kunsthalle Winterthur...